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How To Change User Password


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This page will explain how to change a user's gmail password.  There are many reasons to resetting a windows password.  For instance, if there was a user that was let go from a company, it would be a good idea to change the user's password and if possible disable the account.  

There might be other reasons to change the user password.
  • Perhaps the user just simply forgot their password
  • The user's account is configured to have the user change the password say every three months
  • The user would like to change the password to a different password because they may feel that someone saw their password being entered.
  • Or perhaps the password they have now was just temporary...

Whatever the reason may be, it is important to make sure that you not only know how to change a user password for yourself, but to make sure that the user changing the password is able to remember it as well!  

Some Things To Know About Choosing  A Password and Password Management

When you are deciding to create a password for another user or for yourself, you should make sure that the password that you are about to create is not in any way an easy one to crack.  The reason for this is you dont want others to be able to crack the password easily like most hackers can.  

Here are some points you should take into consideration when creating passwords :

  • Make sure that your password has at least 8 charachters.
  • Never use birthdays, pin numbers, phone numbers, family names or names in your family, like children,  and most importantly your account numbers.  In addition to this DO NOT use 'password'  or 'password 1' throug '9'.  Those are just too easy to crack.
  • Always use a combination of lower case and upper case letters
  • If possible, use letters, numbers and special characters.  Here is an example of a great password.   I took two words, (while & out) and placed them together using the rules above.  ( w#i13-0Ut)
Make sure that the user is able to remeber the password as well.  

For more information on how to change passwords in specific operating systems, click on links in the left column for your desired operating system.  

  • Click on Settings
  • Accounts and Import
  • At the bottom where it states (Change account settings), click on the link "Google Account Settings"